Saturday, July 7, 2012

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Distillation is based on the process of evaporation of a liquid followed by condensation of a liquid of the vapour. 

Materials Required:-
a distillation flask,a  stand,a thermometer, a burner,  a wire gauge, a conical flask as a receiver,a burner and a condenser  

1) Place all the materials as show in the figure
2) Put the  mixture of water and salt in the distillation flask. 
3) Heat the distillation flask until the the water boils. 

You will see the water vapour is formed due to boiling of water and the vapour cools and changes into water when the vapour passes through condenser.The water goes in the receiver which is distillate it is purest water is safe for drinking.

Uses of distilled water   
It is used in medicines.
It is used to make solutions in laboratories.
I tis used in the battery of vehicles



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