Monday, July 2, 2012

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Separation of mixture

Separation of mixture
The process of separating the different components from a mixture is called separation of mixture.All the methods of separation the components of a mixture and based on the principle that 
'different materials have different properties'
They are various method of separating mixture of different mixture. They are:-

Sedimentation and Decantation  
The process settling down of the insoluble solid particle in a mixture is called sedimentation

The process of pouring the clear water into another beaker  without disturbing the sediment is called decantation.

This process is only used to separate sand,mud or insoluble particle.

Materials required:-
Two beakers, water,sand and glass rod
1)  Take a mixture of water and sand
2)  Wait  for 5 minute or  wait until the sand                         
is lower portion
3) Take a another beaker and put the water through
    glass rod gently

By this method  there is no insoluble particles in water.    


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