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Types of Simple Machine

Types of Simple Machine
There are Six types of lever. They are:- 
1) Lever                                 4) Inclined Plane
2) Pulley                                5) Screw
3) Wheel and axle                  6) Wedge

Lever is a rigid bar which is capable to rotate a fixed point called fulcrum.

Rembemer:- If the effort distance is greater than load distance magnification of force is there and the work can be done easily 

Fulcrum is denoted as Δ , load as ¨ effort as $or# in the figure.
There are three types of lever. They are:-
1) First class lever
2) Second class lever
3) Third class lever 

First class lever
The lever in which fulcrum is between load and effort is called first class lever.

In First class lever 
Ld < Ed
Ld > Ed
Ld = Ed
Ld ≠ Ed

Second class lever
The type of lever in which load is in between fulcrum and effort. 

In Second class lever Ed is always greater than load distance which magnification of force and make our work easier.

Third class lever
The type of lever in which effort is between fulcrum and load.

In Third class lever Ld is always greater than Ed in which there is no magnification of force and makes our work more difficult. MA of Third class lever is less than 1.


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